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New Arrival! Samsung Galaxy Note 8

September 13, 2017

New Arrival! Samsung Galaxy Note 8

This is what you have been waiting for! The latest mobile; Samsung Galaxy Note8 has just landed in Big Box! Start your Online Shopping or visit our Comms.Box Level 2 today!


Source from Samsung Mobile

Why did we fall in love with Samsung Galaxy Note8?

Here are some pointers why Samsung Galaxy Note8 is THE MOBILE that you want this year! 

1) The Screen is Wider!

This new mobile screen is 6.3" Infinity Display with Wider View, which means more space! 

And opening 2 windows is not a problem!

So get ready to take out the Note Pen and start using your new mobile.

2) Perfect for Gamers & Movie Goers

It is Full HD display, Super AMOLED (2960 x 1440)  capacitive touchscreen, 16M colours with 1440 x 2960 pixels. In short, this is a perfect mobile for any mobile gamer and drama lovers! 

3) Wet Hands? No Problem! Water & Dust Resistance

Let's face it, how many time have you dropped your mobile into the sink while washing your hand or in the loo? Most of us have dropped at least once! With Samsung Galaxy Note8 you can say goodbye to the mobile phone repairman and their huge Repair Charges! Even if your hands are wet, you can still use the mobile or use the pen instead.

But do take note, not to let your new Samsung Galaxy Note8 swimming for more than 30 m minutes! And remember to dry it with clean dry towel

4) Keep All the KEPOH Out!

Everyone needs at least some privacy and that's why Samsung Galaxy Note8 is what you need! It has Iris Scan, Fingerprint Scan, Face Recognition, Pattern, Password and Pin. Now that is called Max Security!

5) Say Hello to Night Photography

That's one thing about photography with any mobile phone is trying to get the best shots at night! The Samsung Galaxy Note8's wide-angle camera is able to capture more light thanks to its large 1.4µm pixels and bright F1.7 lens. And with the Dual Pixel Sensor, your picture will come out Picture Perfect! No more blurry pictures! 

Need more info about how fabulous the camera can be? Find out more at Samsung Mobile website.

6) Performance is Superb

With all the New Features installed, can the Samsung Galaxy Note8 does all that? Yes it does! With the 10nm mobile processor, 6GB RAM and supported with the powerful battery 3300 mAh, things you do on the mobile will be fast and seamlessly!

Our Final Verdict

If you are a Samsung fan, this is not the mobile phone to be missed!


All images above are from Samsung Mobile website 

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