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Akira CosMini 2017

Time to get your Camera Ready parents!

Join in our mission to Save the Earth! Unleash your kid's Super Power & WIN Attractive Prizes. To join, LIKE & SHARE in AKIRA Facebook page.


How to participate?

Step 1 ❤ Cosplay your Baby
Step 2 ❤ Take their Best Shoot
Step 3 ❤ LIKE Akira Singapore Facebook, PM us the best photo

We will upload in our Abulm page "Akira CosMini", tag you & you can SHARE!

How to Be a Winner?

It is super simple! Just get your family, friends & neighbours to LIKE your photos. The one with the MOST LIKES will be the winner!

What will you Win?

🌟 Most LIKES x 1 winner wins Akira 40" Curved LED TV 
🌟 Consolation Hero Prizes x 15 winners wins a Akira DC Stand Fan + $50 Furniture Voucher

🌟 Most Creative x 1 winner wins Akira 32" Curved LED TV + $200 Furniture Voucher. The Most Creative picture will be judged personally by our panel of judges

Remember! You need to LIKE the AKIRA Facebook page to Join our CosMini & win the prizes!

What you need to know about this contest

1) Your baby must be currently from 4 months until 3 years old. One entry per baby / child.

2) By submitting a photo the entrants have given Akira Singapore full permission and their affiliated companies to use the submitted photo for the contest and acknowledge that this contest is not endorsed or sponsored by Facebook in any way.

4)  No entry may contain defamatory content, including but not limited to, images, words or symbols that are widely viewed as offensive to persons of a certain ethnic, religious, racial, sexual - orientated or socioeconomic group.

3) Akira Singapore reserves the right to change any terms and conditions or contest mechanics at any time with prior notice.

4) Submissions will close on 31 October 2017, 2359. The winner for Akira CosMini 2017 will be announced on 21 November 2017 and is determined solely by the Akira Singapore management at the end of the contest.

5) Akira Singapore may hold a Final Price Giving Ceremony, subjected to the venue availability and will inform the winner two weeks after the winner announcement date.

6) Please allow 24-48 hours for us to upload the submissions into our Akira Singapore Facebook album.