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Food Court Level 3

Where else you can find a place serving such a huge variety of cultural food? Here at BIG BOX we have it just for you! Thai food, Indian food, Malay food, Korean cuisine, mouth-watering Mala Hot Pot, local speciality Ba Kut Teh, seafood and more! Enjoying great food prepared by multi-cultured chefs, in an air-conditioned food court.

Big Box Members 10% off at Food Court Level 3

Remember to present your Big Box Membership Card or E-Card to the cashier food stall before you make payment to enjoy the 10% off. Check out our Latest Food Stall Openings Here!

Ming Xiang Claypot

Yummy home cooked Claypot now available at Food Court Level 3. Recommended dishes; Eggplant with Minced Pork, Angelica (Danggui) Chicken Soup, Salted Fish Pork Belly, Black Vinegar Prok Trotters & more!


Hot home made cooked soup for only $8.80 with rice! Try now at Food Court Level 3.

I'M MOJO; The New Western Food

Western Food is Back! Come & try the New Salmon Steak, Mushroom Soup, Messy Mojo Burger, Meatball Spaghetti & more. 

The New Emperor Seafood Soup is Back!

We are delighted to announce our opening of New Emperor Seafood at L3 Food Court. Come and try this weekend with your family and friends.


New in our Food Court: Chinese Cuisine Stall
(Tze Char Style)

Our Set Meal; consist of a choice of 1 Main Dish, Soup of the Day, 1 FREE Dessert and a plate of rice/fried rice for only $6.80 onward! Also enjoy their signature side dishes such as Xiao Long Bao, Honey Cake and Egg Tart too! Savor the flavours of our food and you will be back for more! 


House of Shell

Great family bonding time over a meal of seafood! Love seafood and Thai BBQ steamboat? Head over to House of Shell and try out their best speciality, Shell on Table and Thai BBQ steamboat (chicken kata). 

Penyet King – Ayam Penyet

Ayam penyet is the trademark of Penyet King, the authentic Indonesian food. Pairing the rice would be the chicken with very crispy crumbs and their speciality sambal. The sambal has a special recipe that is made with quality and up to the standard. Spices used for the chicken is exquisite and crispy. 

Siam Wok – Thai Chef Platter

With such a nice plating, you wouldn’t be able to resist it at all. The head Thai Chef specially chooses their ingredients. In which, included chicken wings, pineapple rice, mango salad, vegetables, sotong (squid), prawns and Thai fish bites with unique 3 taste sauce. With that said, each ingredient has different unique taste that tingles your taste buds, tempting you to come back for more! 

Bak Kut Teh - Pork Trotter

This Asian style cooking of pork trotters is the hot favourite for many people. The older generation who also know it as Teo Chew Braised Pork Trotters. It is a nice and juicy tender and succulent pork trotters, braised for hours with special gravy.

Noodle History – Hokkien Prawn Noodles

Hokkien Prawn Noodles is a very popular Singapore dish, Noodle History offers the traditional flavour of Hokkien Mee spicing it up with sambal belachan and addition of fresh seafood. Just before serving, the dish is topped with crispy fried chicken skin to burst your taste buds.

Mala Hot Pot – Mala Combo

Food lovers’ concern is usually the oiliness of this mala hot pot, but rest assure. Our Mala Hot Pot are all less oily but guarantee you would be having the full flavour of the spiciness which is popular and suitable for all Singaporeans. With every ingredient so fresh, you wouldn’t be able to resist! All hotpots come with a complimentary bowl of rice, soup and dessert! If you are up for the challenge, you can always request for a spicier version.


Korean Cuisine – Bibimbap

Bibimbap is a famous traditional Korean dish. The word Bibimbap literally meant “mixed rice”. This dish is served with white rice topped with different sauces, vegetables: bean sprout; cucumber; carrots etc, beef and a raw egg in the middle. This dish is usually served in a hot stone bowl to preserve the heat so you can stir and mix the rice to get bibimbap. Served with a small side of kimchi!

Mixed Econ Rice & Chicken Rice

With the great choices of different home styled vegetables ranging from steamed eggs to tofu to fishes! You get to choose your own dish. In addition, every day they have different dishes whipped up to make sure you are not eating the same boring dishes.

Desserts: Ais Kacang (Ice Kacang) and more!

Enjoy is brain freezing dessert after your meal, it’s so cooling and delicious you will be sure to forget the heat wave outside. With red bean and nata de coco, with a variety of jelly at the bottom, you would have to finish this cone-shaped shaved ice topped with sweet syrup and corn to eat the hidden jewels at the bottom.

Ipoh Hor fun

Ipoh Hor Fun consists of super smooth flat rice noodles (kuey teow), topped with shredded chicken, and scallions with fresh sweet prawns. The soup of this dish is well boiled with the secret recipe, producing a delicious stock. Most noteworthy, this dish is bound to make you feel refreshed after eating.