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Fresh Market @ Big Box

Did you know that the largest indoor Fresh Market in West Singapore is located at Big Box hyperMart (Level 1).

Here you find a large selection of farm fresh vegetables and fruit, all brought to you directly from a selected number of producers in the region. You'll also find seafood, directly from the boat. And a fine selection of meats.

Why shopping at Fresh Market? Quality! Every Day Low Prices! And Convenience!

Under the same roof you'll find a large selection of frozen food, diary and our Asian Delights. 

Red Onion Bag (Bb)Broccoli (Bb)Beijing Cabbage (Bb)Northern Leek (Bb)China PotatoChina Northern LeekSio Peck ChyeSweet Corn 2SLocal CucumberSpinach Round Msia(220G)Baby Bayam RoundChina CarrotLuffaOld Cucumber KgDried Red ChilliKorean Bunashimeji Mushroom 160GPapaya 850GRed Watermelon 3-4KgFuji Apples China 80-88CRed Dragonfruit Malaysia 600GPassion Fruit 3SShingo PearPineapple Md2 ( 0.9-1.1 Kg)Fragrant Pear ChinaStarfruit MalaysiaTomato Kg (Bb)Navel Orange Usa 72/88Red Seedless GrapesPomeloAvocado0 30-35CThailand Sweet MangoArgentina Cherry 300GPumpkinEgypt Pomegranate 6-8CKiwifruit 100CThailand Pearl Jambu 350GYoung Coconut ThailandArgentina BlueberrySpain Sharoni PersimmonDel_Monte BananaGrey Prawn (M)Golden Pomfret Fish WholeSotong WSeabass Fish WholeRed Snapper Fish WholeFlower CrabTuna Fish WholwMilk Fish3 For $5.50Batang Fish Whole 3ARed TalapiaFz/T Whole ChickenFz/T Minced MeatFz/T Pork ShoulderFz/T Pork LoinFz/T Pork Rib