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My Little Giant

Why My Little Giant? The name was inspired by the Co-Founder’s son, as he felt his little boy has a bigger head and smaller body and that is how the icon came about. Furthermore, his idea was to bring joy to the family with little kids where they can bond over enjoyable times. Not to mention, burn some calories while having fun. Best of both worlds.

Spacious space for kids to play in the playpark!

My Little Giant may appear as a typical indoor playground where most shopping malls offer. What makes it special is that their staff are dedicated to let customers feel special. Their sole reason for setting up this playground is in hope every kid has a great childhood memory shared with their parents or their loved ones. In addition, a safe and fun environment to ensure a fonder memory. We are opened every day at Level 1. 


Who said gaming are only for kids. Adults can enjoy the gaming machines as well.

Located just beside My Little Giant, the gaming area offers great games that you can enjoy as a single player or multiplayer. Team up with your parents!

Gaming Area is great for reducing stress for both adult and kids. After hectic workweek for adults, study craze for kids, head down and enjoy the time while playing fun games together. Clear missions in the games and feel accomplished. So-called “brain games” concerning problem-solving, memory, and puzzle segments have been shown to have an effective benefit!


Adults are strongly recommended to go along with their kids as mentioned earlier, memories are made to be enjoyable for their parents. You might be surprised, the adults might enjoy just as much as the kids! Most importantly, My Little Giant have designed the playground whereby all parts of the playground are accessible to both kids and their parents to enjoy the experience to its fullest.
Things to bring: Diapers, Band-aids (SAFETY FIRST!), Hand sanitizer (Children friendly), Extra clothes, Drinks.

Opening hours and rates

The opening hours are from 11 am to 10 pm every day, including public holiday. So kids can have fun every other day!
Check out the rates* to the playpark below. You can also purchase the combo packages, use the My Little Giant playcard, or purchase the VIP annual playpark pass. For more info do visit the My Little Giant today. (*Rates below are updated as of 1 Oct 2016)

Let's Have Fun!