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Jupiter L Shaped Sofa

This Monochrome L shaped sofa is the definition of contemporary meets comfort. It is a spacious resting area which is ideal for cuddling time with family. Has 12 different choice of colors
Color : Dark Grey (610), Light Grey (661), Stone (665), Dark Brown (2012), Light Brown (2818), Khaki (3813), Black (500), White (600), Green (638), Red (7410), Beige (2900), Orange (618)

** There can be minor error in size due to measurement method.
** The colour you see on the monitor can be slightly different due to the monitor settings.
** Webstore Price excludes delivery charge.
** Delivery charge is $55, we will contact you for the delivery charge.
** Delivery Time : 1 Month.
** For nonlift accessible delivery: free delivery for the first 3 floors. Succeeding floors at $20 per floor. Delivery excludes military bases and other restricted areas where entry permits are needed.

This product usually ships within 4 - 6 weeks. After we receive your order we will contact you about the exact delivery date. Your credit card will only be charged after you have agreed with this delivery date.