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8kg Inverter Heat Pump Dryer

Panasonic Promo Price: $1369, Big Box Special price : $1269 ( Instant $100 Big Box voucher deduction )Energy saving with great performance, the Panasonic NHP80G2WAS Inverter HeatPump Tumble Dryer delivers outstanding drying results.

Key Highlights :
Heat pump technology that generates more heat with less energy for a more efficient and environmentally friendly drying.
Dryair enters the drum to absorb moisture from the laundry, themoist air then passes through several filters into the evaporator that cools and eliminates the moisture.
With a wide range of customised care programmes, you have the option to select your desired drying method.
4 drying programmes: Rapid40, Wool, Silk/Lingerie, Outdoor/Sports
Dual Lint Filter for high drying performance and efficiency.
NEA 5 Ticks
Dimension ( W x D x H ): 596 x 625 x 845 cm
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