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PRO Express Total X- Pert Control Iron

Tefal GV8975

5 Ideal Combinations Of Temperature And Steam For Each Fibre Type 

  • Take a close look at Pro Express X-Pert, a powerful steam generator that works great with all types of fabric, thanks to its 5 specific steam and temperature combinations. Switch to easy, modern ironing!
  • To remove unwanted creases with aqua boost vaporizer (3x more efficient) micro-droplets water spray
  • 120g/min high steam performance, 6.5 bars, steam boost 360g/min
  • High stability
  • Smart technology x-pert control
  • Automatic electric cord rewind
  • Easy & safe transportation
  • Water tank handle
  • 1.8L large water tank
  • Steam cord storage tube
  • Anti-calc collector for long lasting performance
  • AutoClean soleplate