Purchase and Payment
Buyers should carefully read the individual shop’s policy and/or item details, etc. and review all information such as price, option price, shipping charges, delivery charges, import duty, etc. and terms and conditions for sales before purchasing an item.
The Company takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any losses or damages to a buyer arising from shipping information and/or payer information entered by the buyer or wrong remittance by the buyer in connection with the payment for the items purchased. The Company reserves the right to check whether a buyer is duly authorized to use certain payment methods, and may suspend the transaction until such authorization is confirmed or cancel the relevant transactions where such confirmation is not available.
All items purchase orders submitted via this Website are subjected to seller’s acceptance. Completion of the purchase orders will only take place after the delivery of the items purchased from the seller to the buyer. The Company and the seller reserve the right to reject or cancel or terminate the obligation to fulfil any buyer’s purchase order, for whatsoever reasons, even after the purchase order is confirmed and paid by the buyer with notice and the Website shall not be liable to any party for such termination or cancellation.
Payment made through the Website shall be conducted using credit card payment, unless otherwise stated. Credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal are accepted on the Website.  The Website is not responsible for the errors, acts and omissions of the credit card companies.
In the event of a cancellation with no exchange in product and the payment from the credit card has been charged for the purchase, the Company will issue a credit in the amount of the charge to the Customer’s credit card account via PayPal within the first 60 days from transaction date. Otherwise, a cheque will be issued after 60 days from transaction date and the Customer’s individual bank policies will dictate when this amount is credited to the account.

Customer Service